Hello! Let’s get started and discover the art of drawing Phones!

Step 1
It is a good idea to begin drawing a phone with a shape similar to a square. The first step is to draw the external circuits and after that draw the buttons and body parts.

Step 2
Draw the bottom of the phone. It will appear like a trapezium, with curly corners. Draw the right side of the body of the phone with three square blocks.

Step 3
We draw the contours of the receiver. First, draw an ordinary rectangle, then draw broad portions of the bottom and top.

Step 4
Rectangle the contours of your receiver, erase any guidelines, and draw a phone’s wire in a thick layer. The wire starts at the top of the receiver and runs over the phone.

Step 5
Draw twisting, and screwed tight apart the wire rings. Once once more, notice that the rings are small and very close to one another.

Step 6
Draw buttons and a rectangular circle. It may appear that there are many various components on the body of the phone however, it’s not quite so.

We can try to put some buttons on the back of the phone beginning from bottom to top so that you don’t become confused:

In the upper area, you can draw two buttons in the upper right-hand corner.
In the middle part of the unit, you can draw three buttons on the bottom, and two on each side.
This block is divided into conditional two parts. On the left side, we draw twelve telephone buttons.

Step 7
In this process, we create shadows using traditional hatching. First, we typically identify the source of light. In this instance, the light comes from the upper left. It is recommended to apply hatching to areas where light does not fall in a closely spaced pattern of hatching.

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