Hello! Today, we’ve prepared an entirely new drawing lesson which will show the students the steps to draw the palm tree. Let’s get started with the drawing class!

Step 1
Then, draw the outline for the tree. Draw a long, slightly curving vertical line. Then, at the end of the line, draw an oval to serve as a guide to the coco. Also, make guidelines for palm leaves by using lines that are slightly curled.

Step 2
Continue drawing the palm tree. Draw a second vertical line that is parallel to the first. This is the trunk that is nearly done. Next, draw two smaller ovals high up on the trunk of the palm. Draw some (or more precisely, eight) lines near the roof of your palm tree to serve as guides for the leaves.

Step 3
Now, add some shorter horizontal stripes to your palm tree’s trunk. Mark the lines of the leaves and draw short strokes on each leaf. By using horizontal hatching, you can add the shadow beneath the coconuts.

Step 4
Then, using thin and loose lines, draw the outline of the leaves. Make a few more strokes on the leaves, like in our illustration. Create more shadows for the leaves and the upper part of the tree. Draw a second coconut located in the shadows behind the leaves.

Step 5
By using vertical hatching, apply the shadow on another side of the trunk. Next, by using thin diagonal strokes, you can add soft and diffuse shadows to the shaded area that is under the coconuts. Additionally, using light strokes add shadows to the leaves. With hatching, you can create shadows on the coconuts. In the same way, we also added shadows to the class on drawing grapes.

Step 6
The drawing class, which teaches drawing a palm tree ends. Make shadows and add some last strokes to the leaves starting from the left. Eliminate any other touches if they remain, and then add the final strokes.

We sincerely hope that this drawing class helped you understand what it takes to draw a palm tree.

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