Hi, We woke up and created the drawing lesson you see today. Today, we will draw Naruto. Naruto, as you all know, is one of the most popular anime characters.

Step 1
We should first draw a stickman. Naruto is an average-sized teenager. He is 13 years old. Our hero’s shoulders are significantly smaller than those of an adult. In drawing lessons for adults, the head should be larger than the shoulders.

Step 2
If your stickman is similar to our sample, you can move on to the next step. Draw the silhouette of the body. The contours of the body, hands, and feet can be drawn in simple shapes. Avoid athletic figures at this stage. We have already said that Naruto is thin.

Particular attention should be paid to the neck, forearms, and lower legs. These areas are not easily identifiable individually. They all add up to a slim or athletic body. The Incredible Hulk figure can be seen below.

Step 3
Now that we have learned how to draw anime, this style will stand out. This step will show you how to draw the contours of the eyes, ears, and hair. Draw two lines that show the position of the nose, mouth, and mouth. All lines added to this step should be considered. Pay close attention to how far you have to go from one end to the next.

Step 4
How do you determine what anime style is? First, we will look at the face and especially the eyes of the character. In this step, we’ll draw the eyes. You should draw large, elongated eyes if you wish to draw them.

Make sure to add a famous label to the fabric.

Step 5
Okay, now let’s move on to the next step. Pay attention to the folds of the fabric. The clasp is also important. It starts at the collar and runs throughout the jacket.

Step 6
This step will allow us to draw the hand’s final contours and remove any lines that were missed in the previous steps. It is always difficult to draw hands. Take a look at Naruto’s fingers and hands in the individual photos.

Step 7
Now draw your pants and legs.

Step 8
This step will be used to draw shadows. The complex shadows of Naruto’s original story were not visible. We made our pattern without complex shadows. It is possible to draw the border of shadows and then paint them. Draw shadows with a pencil. Avoid using too much pressure. Use light movements.

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