In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw easy mushrooms – objects that combine the characteristics of animals and plants.

Mushrooms come in many different types, but almost all have the same structure. With the help of this tutorial, you can draw any mushrooms.

Let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw easy mushrooms!

Step 1

First, draw three flattened ovals that will later become mushroom caps. Do not try to give these ovals perfectly smooth outlines.

Step 2

Now start sketching the shapes of the stems using loose lines. In the first stages, all details and lines should be as light as possible.

Step 3

Add the upper parts of the caps with simple and curved lines. After that, add some details to the stems. Draw the rings on the lower parts of the stems.

Step 4

Draw dots on the mushroom caps and start drawing gills under the caps. Draw them with lines going from the center to the edges. After that, draw rings on the middle of the stems.

Step 5

Continue drawing the lines of the gills under the cap. Make the lines as close to each other as possible. Erase all unnecessary lines and add some grass. The mushrooms are almost ready.

Step 6

Add shadows to make the drawing of the mushrooms look more realistic. First, paint the caps. Then hatch the lower parts of the caps. Next, using hatching, add shadows to the stems.

As we wrote earlier, mushrooms come in many different types. You can try drawing a different kind of mushroom by changing some details.

For example, to draw champignons, you need to make the stems shorter and not draw dots on the top of the mushrooms

To draw oyster mushrooms, you need to make the stems even shorter and the caps wider. If you want to depict porcini mushrooms, then you must, on the contrary, draw larger stems and smaller caps.

This was a tutorial on how to draw mushrooms. We hope you really enjoyed How to Draw Realistic Mushrooms with Pencil in this tutorial. Share our drawing lessons, write comments, visit our site more often, and wait for new drawing lessons.

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