Good day, dear readers! This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw a mummy. A mummy is a body that has been subjected to special chemical treatments. This treatment stops or slows down decay of tissues. Mummies are often seen in movies, books, and video games.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the skeleton of the mummy. Draw a head in an oval shape. Next, draw the spine and thorax. Draw the arms and legs at the end of each step.

Step 2
Let’s give volume to the mummIes. As you can see, mummies are usually quite thin. However, our mummy will be much more muscular. Sketch out the lines for the face. Next, draw the pelvis and torso. Next, draw the shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips with circles. Finally use cylinders to create arms and legs.

Step 3
All the guidelines on the torso and abdomen of the mommy are gone. The body of mommy looks now like an ordinary man’s body.

Step 4
Draw the facial features. Begin by drawing the eyes using frown brows. Next, draw the nose. The mouth should not be straight and messy. Draw some lines around the mouth and draw some folds.

Step 5
Draw the bandages across the face using uneven lines. The lines should not be uniformly wide and smooth.

Step 6
Continue to bondage the body of the mummy. You will need to draw the lines. Remember that the lines should match the curves of your body.

Step 7
Perform the same steps as in the previous step, but use the lower half of your body. You should also draw random lines along the legs.

Step 8
The lesson on drawing a mummy ends with shadows. Make sure that the light source is in the upper right corner. Also, we will add shadows to the opposite side.

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