The old Greek mythology is fascinating and the characters that are part of these myths are exceptionally charismatic and varied. One of the most fascinating characters from early Greek mythology can be Medusa Gorgon. You probably already know, that it’s the monster who has female faces and hairless snakes. Her eyes changed a man’s face to stone. Let’s begin this lesson by learning what it takes to draw Medusa.

Step 1
The depiction of Medusa Gorgon differs in various pieces. We have decided to draw an image that is a representation of the monster. In our illustration, it will be a woman with a beautiful face. She will also have an elongated snake tail instead of legs. Therefore, sketch out the head in the shape of a circle. Then, sketch the spine’s line which is connected towards the back. Next, we draw an arm and chest.

Step 2
On the face, outline the lines that later on will help us draw the details on the head. Then outline the neck and torso with a thin outline that flows smoothly between the hips, and a snake tail. Then, using the aid of basic geometric figures, sketch out the arms. the help of a bow and an arrow.

Step 3
Let’s outline some of the aspects of the form of Medusa. Sketch long snakes across the head using the aid of moving lines. Then, draw the facial characteristics of the face. On the torso, sketch out the clothes and belts on the waist.

Step 4
We’ll now begin to work on the finer details of the Medusa drawing. Take your time drawing out the main aspects of the face eye, a clean nose, and plump lips being guided by intersecting lines drawn from the second step. Also, draw the facial contours and erase any unnecessary lines.

Step 5
This is the hardest part of the tutorial on drawing Medusa Gorgon. In this case, we will create snakes for our heads using the aid of long lines and curving lines. You must be sure not to lose yourself within the line and other details.

Step 6
Head drew and it’s now time to turn your attention to the body. Draw the neck carefully which will be inserted through the body of the Medusa. Then, draw clothing over the torso and consider the curves beneath the cloth. Don’t forget to sketch the folds, as in our illustration.

Step 7
In keeping with your torso’s lines, carefully draw out the arms thinly. Take care when drawing your fists because there are numerous tiny aspects. Forearms: Draw bracers, and remove any unnecessary guidelines from the arms.

Step 8
Then draw the outline of the bow curved as well as straight arrows. At the same time sketch out the outlines of the hips as well as that long serpent tail from Medusa with dark lines. Take off all the guidelines remaining and then move to the drawing of shadows.

Step 9
Now, let’s create shadows over the body and body parts of the Medusa Gorgon using the hatching technique of various levels of density. Shadows should be drawn in most dim areas. Additionally, you can draw shadows using the comic style, as we did in our lesson on Mysterio.

Medusa Gorgon is among the most fascinating characters from ancient Greek mythology. Now we can make her. If you’re looking for other characters from mythology and fantasy Be sure to look into our category “Myths and Legends”.

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