Dear viewers of 3dvkarts! We’ve created a new drawing tutorial specifically for people who enjoy animated films. We’re prepared to teach you the drawing process of Max from The Secret Life of Pets.

Step 1
We begin by drawing the outline for the face. In this drawing guide, we do not draw with a stickman as we draw with cartoons.

Step 2
The process is simple. Draw a circle and connect it with your head by drawing the neck. The neck shown in this image is a cylinder that is short. It’s difficult to see the top portion of the neck due to the neck is situated in the middle of the mouth.

Step 3
Okay, now make the leg and the tail. There are a few important things to consider to draw in this section:

The front legs appear bigger than the rear legs.
Every leg is characterized by a slim portion in the middle, and a growing thickening along the edges. It looks like a bone, and also has a thin section between (the diaphysis) and broad borders (the epiphyses);
The tail is quite close to the head.

Step 4
It’s like the outline of a dog. We will now sketch facial features to bring the sketch come alive. Therefore, we draw the face (look as if it’s an oval) as well as a mouth (just a normal line) and eyes.

Step 5
Then we add some more specifics to the previous step’s actions. The first step is to draw the pupils. Then, we divide the face by drawing a curve line. Additionally, in this step, you need to draw the nostrils as well as the eyebrows.

Step 6
Now is the time to design an appropriate collar. Remember to add a medallion bone.

Step 7
Let’s draw the paws with a detailed drawing. Another part of this step is to draw the final outline that the human body will have. Remember that you erase your guides.

Step 8
We will finish the step. In this section, we’ll draw shadows. Create shadows by using the classic hatching technique.

We’ve finished our drawing lesson on drawing Max of The Secret Life of Pets. What do we typically say at the end of each lesson? That’s it! Join us on social media and then share this article.

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