Hi dear artists, welcome to the tutorial on how to draw King Kong. King Kong is a popular character in mass culture. King Kong is a giant, ape-like monster that has become a popular symbol of mass culture. American director Merianom Cooper was the one who coined the name. In 1933, the film’s eponymous title presented the King Kong image for the first time to the public. King Kong is used in many movies, TV series, and comics. His role in popular culture products ranges from a rampaging monster to a tragic antihero.

Step 1
We know man evolved from apes. Draw the head of King Kong as a circle. Draw the spine, arms, and legs.

Step 2
King Kong is large and muscular. We need to give him a lot more volume in his skeleton. Sketch out his facial lines and snout. Next, draw your shoulders in the form of circles and arms. Next, draw the legs and torso.

Step 3
The eyes should be drawn right at the eye line. Draw the large eyebrows above the eyes. The nostrils should be very close to your eyes. Draw the mouth at the end.

Step 4
Draw all lines on the giant gorilla’s head. Use short strokes that are close together to create the hair texture on the head.

Step 5
We are getting close to the end of this lesson on how you draw a King Kong. Use short strokes to create the texture of the hair on King Kong’s arms. The fingers are very similar to the human hand.

Step 6
We are now doing the exact same steps as in the previous step: draw the legs of King Kong and use quick strokes to draw hair. The fingers are drawn at the end, which is similar to the fingers in the human.

Step 7
We will now add subtle shadows to the image. The technique has been described in other articles. We will repeat it again: first draw very thin lines to create shadows. Next, paint them over with light and hatching.

King Kong was first seen in the 1933 film. He became one of the most well-known monsters of the 20th century. This story is very similar to Beauty and the Beast’s story where a terrible creature falls for a beautiful woman. If you share this lesson with your friends and follow our updates on social media, we will all be happy as King Kong. He received a mountain full of bananas. What’s your favorite King Kong movie, game, cartoon, or book? Leave your comment below.

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