Good day, dear readers! In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach the user what to draw the katana. You are aware that a Katana is an extremely lengthy Japanese weapon with the slightest bend and it is sharpened one way. It is likely that you have seen katanas being held by Samurai and Ninjas.

Step 1
It begins with an extended line of curving. It is the top edge of the Katana.

Step 2
Then draw an upper edge with another curving line. This time, one side should appear acute and the other one obtuse.

Step 3
Draw out your guard (tsuba) and pommel (kashira). Now it looks like a katana.

Step 4
Draw the wrap (tsuka-ito) over the handle (tsuka). Draw it with the crossing lines.

Step 5
In the next step, the guard should make sure to draw the collar on the blade (habaki) and grind the ridge (shinobi).

Step 6
Apply the paint and create shadows by using the hatching technique and some glare with shorter lines.

The tutorial on drawing the sword step-by-step is completed. If you’re looking to draw a European weapon, then check out the tutorial on the Greatsword as well as a shorter sword.

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