Hello! Hello! Today, we’ll draw the most charismatic comic book villains. Today we present a drawing lesson that will teach you how to draw Joker, the most terrifying and horrible enemy of Batman.

In the 1940s, he first appeared in comics. His appearance has not changed much since then. We will be showing you the classic version of this insane villain in this tutorial, however. Let’s get started. Learn how to draw Joker.

Step 1
Let’s begin with a stickman, a man-made from sticks and circles. To sketch the main features and proportions of a figure, as well as its location on paper, we draw the stickman. Draw the outline of the head using an elongated cylindrical. Next, draw the outline of Joker’s “skeleton” using straight lines. The growth of Joker is approximately equal to 8 heads’ lengths.

Step 2
Let’s add some volume to the body. But first, let’s mark the face. Draw a vertical line that reflects the symmetry of your face and the horizontal lines of your eyes.

Next, outline the trunk and limbs of the stickman with rectangles or ovals. This is similar to our sample. Follow the lines of the previous step. However, do not forget to draw the feet and hands in the previous stage. All actions are very similar in nature to the stage of the lesson How to Draw Slenderman.

Step 3
Sketch the hairstyles and draw a raised collar for the coat. The contours of the eyebrows and lips are drawn in the same step. They look like curved, smooth lines that meet at a point between the eyes. Draw a hat to greet the person you are greeting.

Step 4
Draw the face using the guidelines created in the previous steps. The hairstyle should be drawn from the roots of the hair to the tips. Do not forget to draw the corners of your eyes. They capture the tension in the face that occurs when you smile unnaturally.

Draw a pointed, large nose and ears. Remember the rule of proportions: the tip of your nose should be on the same plane as the lower tips of your ears. Draw the mouth curving in an unnatural smile. Don’t forget the wrinkles around your mouth.

Step 5
Circle the lines and remove any excess from the coat. Be aware of the strong expansion in the sleeves. First, outline the silhouettes for the pocket and circle the flaps in the trunk. Then, add the creases. Their main location is at the elbow bend and in the pocket. Draw the folds using smooth lines.

Step 6
Draw at first glance. It is important to pay attention to details. As in the example, draw seams on your coat. Draw the hat using smooth lines. Draw the outline of the tendon and knuckles on the hand.

Step 7
Although this step may seem complicated, it is not difficult. There are several layers to Joker’s clothing. We see the cloak underneath it, a jacket, a vest, and a shirt. All the clothes must be drawn in the direction of the inside to the outside. First, draw the coat. Next, button one button (notice the creases). Finally, draw the shirt and waistcoat.

Details – Draw the button and tie, as well as some folds around the compression areas.

Step 8
Circle the contours of the legs of Joker by erasing any extra guidelines. Draw the folds using straight lines. Draw the sole of your shoe. The lower portion of it is made up of a large trapezoid as well as a small semicircle.

Step 9
Draw stripes on the pants using long lines. Today’s shadows are drawn in comic style. They are bright and striking. It is best to apply them in two stages. First, outline the shadow contours and then add intense shading.

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