Dear friends of the family with yellow faces! Today’s drawing lesson will teach the viewers ways to draw Homer Simpson. It is important to note the lesson will be extremely easy to follow. Let’s begin the lesson!

Step 1
In the initial step, sketch a circle. This is an angular design that connects to the circle on the bottom.

Step 2
Homer with no beer stomach? We’ve seen it a handful of times during the series, but it’s not exactly what you would expect. Draw the circle. This will mark the belly, and connect it to the image from the earlier step.

Step 3
According to the creators of the series “Homer is made up of circles.” Draw two circles to represent the eyes and an extended cylinder as the nose.

Step 4
The mouth is drawn by Homer like in the picture below. Take note that the lip’s upper part is over his lower lips. Homer Simpson.

Step 5
Draw the pupils and ear. Draw the hairstyle of Homer Simpson, which consists of two lines that curve high on the forehead and the letter “M” over the ears.

Step 6
Then we will continue the course of drawing Homer Simson. Draw the collar and sleeves of the polo shirt.

Step 7
Okay, now sketch the arms. With curved lines, draw the folded arms as we did in our illustration.

Step 8
Remove the guidelines as well as draw your fat fingers.

Step 9
The lower part of your shirt should be drawn. With three lines that are slightly curled, trace the leg.

Step 10
Remove the rest of the guidelines and sketch your own shoes to represent Homer Simpson.

In this drawing lesson, we taught you the drawing process of Homer Simpson step by step. Stay tuned for more drawing lessons, where we’ll show the drawing process for different characters from “The Simpsons”.

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