Dear users of 3dvkarts. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach how to draw headphones. the art of drawing headphones. The lesson will be comprised of basic lines, however at the end, you will have very real-looking headphones, so let’s get started!

Step 1
The first step is to sketch the outline of the earpads. In this, and the following step, we make use of extremely light lines.

Step 2
With two long lines and curving ones, draw the headband (we believe that it is named that way).
Step 3
Utilizing the dark and clear lines, draw the outline of the earpads. The outline should appear smooth and round.
Step 4
It’s the same for the earpads’ external parts. earpads. Be sure to draw with care every detail.
Step 5
Remove all unnecessary and extra lines that were not needed from the initial steps. Take care to draw at the very top of the headphones.
Step 6
In the final step of the course on how to draw headphones, we can make a few shadows using the aid of hatching.

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