Hi! We created a brand new drawing tutorial where we explained what to draw Harry Potter in the classic version. In the example, we used the illustration on the cover of one of the first Harry Potter books. Harry Potter.

Step 1
Let’s take a look at the pose. The line of Torso (we marked it with red) in our model is in line with the brooms’ line. We also have marked (blue color) the shoulder girdle’s lines. This line in conjunction with the trunk’s line makes a very sharp angle.

Step 2
Okay, let’s draw an outline of our silhouette. In this stage, we’ll work on the upper area which is the upper part of your body. The first step is to draw the neck, an elongated cylinder that is linked to the top of the head. Draw the hand.

If you don’t divide the plots into sections It is evident that they resemble Cylinders, that slowly become more rounded towards the palms. Sketch the head of the snake’s outline, and you won’t be able to go wrong.

Don’t forget the face lines. The vertical line faces symmetry, and the horizontal line marks the position that the eyes.

In this stage, we’ll work with the legs. The thigh (from mid-waist to the knee) for each leg, is slightly larger than the tibia (from the knee to the foot). The feet should be slightly angled in the direction of the anterior. The knees should line up with the balls. The feet should be wide and broad. Then, in the last step, we need to sketch the outline of Harry Potter’s Broom.

Step 3
Okay, this is a drawing tutorial on and we draw Harry Potter step by step. This process is quite easy. This is the case. But, mistakes during this process could distort the entire image. Let’s first sketch the hair. Remember that the hair should draw along the direction of the hair’s roots up to the ends. Following this, draw the outline of the eyes and glasses.

Step 4
In this section, we will examine the character that is Harry Potter. Particular attention should be paid to the placement of pupils. The exact location of the pupils will depend on the direction of view of the person.

Step 5
We now have a sketch that has an elaborate face. This is the first step to drawing a detailed torso and hands to create this image:

Then, you can sketch the final outlines for the right (from our perspective of us) leg. In this step, we will draw the outline of Harry Potter’s magical broom.

Step 6
The final step is drawing on the shadows. This stage can be divided into two parts:

The drawing of boundaries that shade areas;
The application of hatching.
You can clearly see that the majority of the shadow falls located on the inside of Harry Potter’s body.

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