There are numerous well-known comics and obscure ones in addition to comic books which are quickly becoming hugely popular. One of the best instances of this is the graphic novel Guardians of the Galaxy. At first, this comic was not the most well-known around the globe, but after its release in the movie film, it quickly became famous. Perhaps the most loved and well-known character in the comic strips is Groot the character that is in essence a giant talking tree. So let’s dive into the step-by-step guide on drawing Groot.


Step 1

Groot is an extremely unique character because, in actuality, it is an actual living tree. However, despite his unique nature the basic principles of drawing Groot aren’t that different from drawing a normal person, particularly in the initial stages. We sketch out the stickman of old composed of simple lines, ovals, and geometric shapes of elementary.



Step 2

The second part of the course about drawing Groot is quite normal. In this case, we will have to create secondary lines to draw the face. We should also create the neck, torso, and neck of our bizarre but non-killing superhero. Also, dear artists, don’t forget to make use of the lightest lines so that you do not have any issues in the next steps when you add specifics.


Step 4

In this part of the course on drawing Groot, we can already notice the first signs of differences from the typical person. Arms, as we can observe, appear quite normal and are constructed with simple geometric forms. However, the legs do have some distinct features and, to be more specific, Groot does not have normal feet. Instead, we have to identify the feet that appear more like the roots of a tree.


Step 5

In this stage, we’ll transform our faceless puppet into something like Groot. The first step is sketching our mouth and eyes. As you can observe, Groot does not have eyes, at the very least not in the traditional sense. Then, draw the bark on the top of his head. On the body of the superhero, sketch the outline of the bark with uneven and slightly tortuous lines. Don’t forget to include fingers and roots as opposed to feet.


Step 6

Take care to trace the facial features and mark the wrinkles in the area around the eyes. Then, trace the contours of the face that is unusual and the top part of the head that is rough bark.


Step 7

The body of Groot is covered in hard bark that acts as armor. In the seventh and final step in our guide on drawing Groot, we will need to draw the entire edges of the armor that should appear unfinished and uneven.


Step 8

Like in the previous two steps, we must mark all the lines on the arms, and then erase any additional lines that are no longer needed.


Step 9

In this, like in the 8th step, we must draw lots of veins that are smooth. Draw out the lower part of the legs which appear like roots.


Step 10

The tenth stage will be focused on the final elements. We must enhance Groot’s drawing to appear more dense and natural. For this, we’ll draw shadows. In this case, we have chosen to draw shadows that are more realistic however, you can draw shadows comically that look like contrasted and dark shadows.


In the appearance of the film obviously, the most important role was performed by the creators who created the character in their comic booksWe’re hoping that by the time you watch this movie, you’ll be able to draw Groot as well as the creators from the comic books Guardians of the Galaxy themselves.

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