This drawing lesson will teach you the steps to draw Grinch. Grinch is a furry, green creature who lives on the mountain with Max, his dog. The Grinch is, as you all know, the man who stole Christmas. Today we’ll show you how to draw him.

Step 1
We first outline the head. This is very similar to a pear. The neck can be drawn by drawing a simple line. Next, draw the torso. This is similar to a pear.

Step 2
Draw two lines across the face. The vertical is for facial symmetry, and the horizontal is for eyes. Draw the fur around the neck. As in the example, draw the limbs with cylinders or circles.

Step 3
This is the Grinch’s face. Draw the tuft at top of the head. Next, draw the eyebrows and eyes using the horizontal line drawn in the previous step. The long, curving mouth should be located at the bottom of your face.

Step 4
We are done drawing Grinch’s face. You can now erase the guides. You can draw the lines for the eyes, eyebrows, and head. Draw the pupils within the eyes. You can add wrinkles to the eye area.

Step 5
Now, remove all lines from the body. Use furry lines to draw out the body. Give the neck fur a finished look. The feet and hands should be drawn out.

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