The team at in this step-by-step guide will demonstrate what you need to do to draw a weapon extremely fast and easy. Of course, we’re not averse to war or negative situations that happen in our lives but either way, weapons are an integral element of the real world, and as artists, must be capable of drawing grenades as well as any other weapon. At there are plenty of drawing classes on weapons, however, the majority of them, are dedicated only to weapons that are cold (swords or katanas and so on.) Therefore, this article will be about the explosive.
Step 1
By using light lines, sketch the basic lines of the grenade’s contours in the shape of an oval with a un flat top. In order to verify the proportionality of the grenade drawing take it toward the mirror, and you’ll notice any errors on the sketch.
Step 2
Sketch out the safety lever and pull using light and smooth lines. Be careful not to overdo it with the dark lines so that in the next steps we can make the required modifications.
Step 3
In the body part of the grenade, draw intersecting lines as in our illustration. To make the look of a grenade large and round it is necessary to make the cells that are in the middle more expansive than the ones at the edges.
Step 4
By using clear lines, sketch out the various sections of the body part of the grenade. It is crucial to ensure that all sections of the grenade are uniform, and be aware of the angle, so take your time and sketch everything in a neat manner.
Step 5
Eliminate all lines that are unnecessary in the body and grenade. With clear lines, draw out the safety lever and ring. If you’ve done everything correctly the drawing of your grenade will look something like this.
Step 7
In the final step of the art lesson of drawing the grenade, it is up to us to create shadows with the aid of hatching.

The guide was made up of easy steps. We hope you haven’t faced any difficulties during this lesson. Note that grenades are available in many different varieties, so make sure to draw different kinds of weapons. To ensure that you won’t be a second behind on new instructions on weapons, or other objects be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and to learn how to draw with the help of

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