Hey, dear comic book enthusiasts. We have created the drawing tutorial on drawing Green Lantern from DC. In actuality, Wolverine or Thor, Green Lantern isn’t a single person. In reality, under the Green Lantern name, in various instances, different people existed who were first included, including Alan Scott.
Step 1
The green lantern that we used in our class is in a stoic position and it is simple to sketch his body skeleton. Therefore, we sketch the head in the shape of an oval. Then you draw the spine where the pelvis and thorax are situated. Then, we sketch out the legs and arms. Remember that the length of one’s body as an adult male is roughly equivalent to 7 to 8 heads.
Step 2
Then, we continue our tutorial on drawing Green Lanterns. We sketch out all the features of the faces. characteristics. Then, we sketch the neck as a shape of the shape of a cylinder. Draw the torso that reduces from the shoulder to the pelvis. Add extra volume to your legs and arms by using simple shapes like a circle.
Step 3
The mockup that we will use to create Our Green Lantern is complete, and now we can add details. Draw the eyes on the horizontal line drawn in earlier steps. In the area around the eyes, draw out the mask which completely covers the nose. In the mask, draw the mouth that is slightly smiling and the contour that is the lip below.
Step 4
This is the next step in drawing the hair of the Green Lantern. With curved lines, draw the hair arranged in the hairstyle that was fashionable in the latter half of the 20th century. Draw out the ear and outline of the mouth of the hero. Don’t be forgetting to take off from your head any guidelines we sketched in two initial steps.
Step 5
Continue to follow the drawing tutorial for drawing the Green Lantern step-by-step. The next step is to draw the neck and the lines that run through the shoulder. Following that, we draw the outline of the abdominals and pectorals. In the middle of the chest, draw an image of a Green Lantern.
Step 6
Draw lines of the biceps and triceps muscles of the forearm. Then, draw the hands that have been clenched in grips (in order to know more about this section of our body, check out the tutorial on drawing hand muscles). After the exercise, draw a line of your gloves, and make some folds.
Step 7
With the aid of lines that are smooth, draw the outline of the muscles of the Green Lantern. It is important to note that the legs slowly shrink in the area of ​​the knees. Then, they increase within the calf muscles and continue to narrow in the ankles. Draw outlines of the muscles as well as the outlines of the knees. Then draw lines for shoes, and then make a few folds. Remove all other guidelines and you will have an able drawing of Green Lantern.

It was not easy It was a bit difficult, but it was well worthwhile. Today, we sketched the traditional Green Lantern, but using this drawing exercise, it is possible to draw almost any superhero since the basic principle behind sketching is exactly the same. The distinctions are in the particulars.

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