Hello! Our team has prepared for you a drawing in a new style that will teach our readers what to draw with grapes.

Step 1
First, sketch the outline of the vines and select a few grapes that are most closely to ours, which are in front of the others. It is important to note that the vine doesn’t necessarily have to be flat.

Step 2
Draw the outline of the leaf and then add some grapes.

Step 3
Complete the leaf. Be aware that the leaf is rough edges. By drawing simple lines, trace the veins on the leaf. Include some grapes that are new as in our illustration.

Step 4
Finish the vine, and then add a tendril. Make new veins in the leaf. Draw some grapes that are new. Draw out the contours of shadows of the grapes.

Step 5
Make the rest of the grapes. Then outline the forms of shadows over those remaining grapes. Make a strong shadow on those areas that are that lie between them.

Step 6
Begin adding shadows. First, we’d like to bring you back to the shape for the shadow.

Let’s now work on the grapes. Find the source of light (in our case, it is the upper left). Apply shadows in multiple stages with the outlines of the earlier steps. By using light hatching, add the halftones. After that, press the pencil a bit more to draw shadows that are darker. Make sure you leave reflections of the light. Include some shadows on the vine.

Step 7
Continue adding shadows. Draw the remaining shadows like in the image below. Remember to cast the shadows.

It was a drawing class on drawing grapes. Draw the grapes from various angles and with different sizes to enhance your skills. If this drawing exercise interests you, join our channel through Google+. Goodbye!

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