A brand new drawing lesson is waiting for you. In this lesson, we draw a well-known cartoon character! You’ve probably guessed that today we’ll learn the art of drawing Ghost Riders from the Marvel Universe. Ghost Rider appears to be a representation of hard rock, however it’s not too difficult to draw his image.

Step 1
Let’s begin with stickman. As you may know, we begin drawing humans using the head (that appears to be an oval) and then, using only simple lines, draw the neck, spine, and legs. The Ghost Rider stands in dynamic posture, legs spaced apart enough with the right leg bent over the knee.

As you see you will see our Ghost Rider standing with his famous whip in one hand making a gesture at us using the fingers of his other hand.

Step 2
In the second step, just like in every drawing tutorial we increase the volume of the face of the subject.

Then, you should first mark the head with the lines of a pair that intersect that are vertical (facial coherence) in horizontal (the position of the eyes). The head should be placed on the long, solid cylindrical neck. Then, draw the outline of the body in the form of a Ghost Rider.

Let’s begin with the arms. The forearm and upper arm are depicted by the cylinders (applies to both arms) and the forearms tapering towards the hands.

Excellent. It’s time to proceed. Right after you draw your entire body (as always it is drawn from the foot to the head or from top to the bottom) it is necessary to draw the pelvis region and which is marked by a triangular form. Make sure you are guided by the lines drawn by the stickman to avoid confusion. Below the pelvis, we draw the legs into the form of Cylinders.

Step 3
The fundamental steps of the instructional on drawing Ghost Rider are ready. This is the moment to begin drawing the specifics. Thus, begin at the head, or better, start with the skull.

Utilizing the marks from the previous step then trace the eyes’ sockets. Draw the nose cavity. In the nasal cavity, draw the lines for the jaw’s upper part. it should be bent slightly. Draw the contours of the chin, like in our example.


We also trace the contours of the flame during this process. The point is that it is fascinating that they are a part of the head and the tongues of the flame should be drawn in the direction of the head towards the tips which is how we draw hair. Draw a line around the whip that the Ghost Rider holds in his right hand. Note that the whip looks like an upside-down letter S.

Step 4
Then we only work using the skull and flames. Remove the guidelines that we sketched in the first step. Below and above the eye sockets draw straight lines as we did in the sample. The upper and lower jaws, draw fairly normal teeth.

In the final step, we’ve drawn the outline of the fiery halo that surrounds The skull of Ghost Rider Now we have to sketch the inner flames. Thus draw wavy lines using the distinctive fire “sharp” ends. Draw them like in the previous step i.e. in the direction of the skull’s base towards the tips.

Step 5
The toughest aspect of this process is definitely fingers. Fingers are among the most mobile part of our body, however, they are not equipped with muscles. The fingers are controlled by the muscles of the forearms.

Check out your left side on Ghost Rider – the index finger is especially well-illustrated in that the entire hand is depicted in a perspective.

However, along with the fingers during this process, we also need to draw the outline of spikes that are situated in the shoulder region, along with similarly-sized spikes in the forearm. This is where is the neckline of the jacket made of leather.

Step 6
Then we continue to add details to the torso and arms. Remove the extra details from the torso. By clearly drawn lines, draw the collar of his jacket as well as the buckle that connects the belt. Make sure to add a few folds in the jacket of Ghost Rider. In the lower portion of the torso, pull the belts with spikes.

The torso is now complete, and now we can move on towards the arm. Remove the additional guidelines, and then carefully outline the areas including the phalanges the hand outlines as well as the spikes that are in the region of the forearm, and folded jackets.

Step 7
The main weapon of our superhero is the whip. In the beginning, let’s provide a final look at the handle. The handles should be circled using clean lines. After that, with two long curving lines trace the handle.

In the image, Ghost Rider’s weapon Ghost Rider not very similar to the chain. In other words, in this case, we do not draw hyperlinks, instead, we rather define it as rope.

Step 8
Now, you’re able to begin drawing the bottom of the torso, and the legs. In this step, we erase the guidelines and trace the leg contours from Ghost Rider.

Note that the legs taper when they are in the region of the ankles and knees and also expand into the middle of the hip as well as the calf muscles.

Then, make the footwear, the spikes on the upper part of the shoes, and seam lines across the bottom of the pant. Make sure to include folds, which are mostly located in the groin region and around the knees. After we’ve drawn the form of Ghost Rider and we are now able to continue towards…

Step 9
…Adding shadows. The first step is to define the light source. In fact, with regard to the Ghost Rider, it’s easiest to accomplish, since the head of his character is (and the above) a constant raging fire.

It’s important to remember that right in front of us right now is an example of the style of the traditional comic in regard to the imposing shadows. Similar shadows are seen in drawing lessons on Spider-Man, Punisher, Iron Man, and Loki. As you can see, the shadows appear dark and stark.

Remember, similar shadows can be drawn in two steps: first, we draw the outline of the shadow. Then, we paint the shadow inside the contours. To add semitones you have to apply simple hatching.

It is indeed a challenging drawing course, one of the most extensive about comics characters, which is available on our site. If you’re a fan of the theme of infernal We can give you on drawing the dragon but it’s also very challenging. We always advise at the end of every one of our tutorials on drawing – do not forget to follow our social media channels including Google Plus, FaceBook, Pinterest, and more.

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