Hello, dear creators and fans of Spongebob SquarePants. We have our most chatty character from the animated series. We will demonstrate the art of drawing Gary the SpongeBob snail from SquarePants. The process is easy enough.

Step 1
Let’s first draw eyes. They appear like two balls. And, by the way, all the lessons learned from sketching Simpsonsbegin exactly the same way.

Step 2
With circles and big dots, draw the pupils of the eyes. In each eye, draw a “stem” to keep the eye.

Step 3
Next, using wavy lines, trace the body of Gary The snail. Be aware that the body’s bottom should appear more curly than the upper.

Step 4
Now, using a straight, high line, draw the shell of Gary like in our illustration. Then, our Gerry appears to be more like the shape of a snail Isn’t it?

Step 5
In the last stage, we create designs in the shells of Gary The snail. Begin by drawing the swirl design in the middle of the shell. Then draw small ovals around the central pattern.

A drawing tutorial on drawing Gary Squidward, the snail in SpongeBob SquarePants was brought to an end. Take a look at drawing lessons for Patrick Star and Squidward. Make sure to share this drawing tutorial with your friends and join our social networks, and share what you think about it in the comments section, as the only way to help us is to get your feedback on our drawing classes.

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