Which is the world’s most well-known and loved cat on the planet? We think it’s the cat, Garfield. Garfield is funny, funny and he hates Mondays. Let’s move on to the basics of drawing Garfield.

Step 1 Let’s begin with the Garfield illustration from the simplest. Draw two circles in an uneven manner as in our illustration.

Step 2 With the aid of simple geometric shapes, make the legs and feet.

Step 3 Draw the arms out and palms large. Create a long tail. proceed into the following step.

Step 4 An extremely simple part of the lesson is to draw Garfield in which we draw two lines that intersect across the top of his head.

Step 5 By tracing intersecting lines in the fourth step, draw extremely tall oval ears and eyes above the head.

Step 6 Draw the face that is Garfield in the shape of an oval. Then draw a huge smiley mouth.

Step 7 Take away all guidelines that are unnecessary off the head. Draw the eyes’ pupils and dots along the sides of the mouth.

Step 8 A little lower, and sketch out the outline of your body with clean black and white lines. Eliminate all lines you don’t need.

Step 9 An easy process where we’ll need the order to create dark strips as well as dark shadows with contrast.

Today, we taught you what it takes to draw Garfield. What other comic characters or cartoons do you like to look at in 3dvkats? We’re looking for your ideas for lessons, either in the comments on this page or on our social media networks.

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