It’s a nice time of the day Dear comic book lovers! In this drawing class, we’ll demonstrate what to draw in Flash using DS step-by-step. As you may know, Flash is the title of many fictional comic book superheroes created by DC Comics. Created by creators Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, Flash first appeared in the first issue of Flash Comics No. 1 (January 1940).
Step 1
In contrast to The Robin as well as Green Lantern from our drawing classes, Flash in this lesson will take place in a complicated and non-static position. However, the drawing principles will be identical to those in the other lessons in drawing. Therefore, first, sketch out the head as a shape in the shape of an oval. Then, draw the outline of the thorax, spine, and pelvis.
Step 2
Let’s include some “flesh” to the body of our Flash. On the head, draw those lines that are symmetrical in the face. They must meet at the center in the center of the face (near the bridge on the nose). Then, we trace out our torso which is narrower in the waist region. Then, we sketch the legs and arms using simple geometric shapes like circles or long cylindrical shapes.
Step 3
Okay, the basic outlines of our character are drawn but from here we’ll add more specifics. Utilizing the horizontal line that was sketched earlier we will draw the eyes. The vertical lines, sketch out a mouth and nose exactly in the middle between the nose’s tip as well as the lines that define the cheeks.
Step 4
We continue drawing heads of some of the fastest comic book superheroes (by the way, who is faster, Flash from DC or Quicksilver from Marvel?). We draw the outline of the head, as shown in our illustration. Then, we draw openings to the eyes and mouth. Don’t forget that you draw wings along the sides of the head.
Step 5
The drawing class continues on drawing Flash in DC. Draw your lines for the abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles. In the middle of the chest, draw a Flash symbol and belt with the form of lightning.
Step 6
We build strong with round and strong deltoid muscles. Keep the lines of deltoid muscles that connect to the biceps and triceps. Then draw the forearms which will narrow the area of the wrists. Draw out the outline of gloves in the shape of lightning before moving into the following step.
Step 7
Now let’s move to the lower section of the body in our Flash. Draw out the outline of strong legs (we believe he spends much of his time pumping his legs at the gym). Draw lines for knees and muscles. When we are done with the exercise, we eliminate any unnecessary lines and then add more details such as the wings of the boots as well as the lines of soles.
Step 8
Here’s a drawing lesson on drawing with Flash step-by-step that was completed. We now need to make shadows, and erase the lines that were not needed. For classic shadows from comics, make use of black and clear strokes. It is possible to create lighter shadows as in our illustration or bigger contrast shadows like from our Spider-Man sketch lesson.

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