We are glad to welcome you to our drawing tutorial on how to draw Dodge Challenger. A Dodge Challenger, like Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro, is a pony car.

Step 1
Sketch out the car’s body using only a few lines. The lines should be very light.

Step 2
Mark the lines for the radiator grille, and the headlights at the front. Draw the lines for the radiator grille and headlights. Next, draw the mirrors.

Step 3
We now need to draw the wheel arches as well as the wheels.

Step 4
Take care to remove the radiator grille. This is the most distinctive part of the Dodge Challenger. It can be transferred from one model of Dodge Challenger to the next.

Step 5
We then draw a bumper, the bottom of the grille, and fog lights. The entire front of the car looked like it was from the 70s.

Step 6
Let’s get to the top of our Dodge Challenger. Draw the car’s roof, windows, and mirrors.

Step 7
This step is where we draw the car’s body. From the rear portion by following the roof line. Next, draw the door using the handle and sill of the Dodge Challenger.

Step 8
This step is where we draw wheels or rims. Although it can be difficult to give wheels the correct shape, if you persevere, you will succeed.

The lesson on drawing a Dodge Challenger was over. Today’s lesson was about drawing a famous car that is a symbol of the American automotive industry. As you may have noticed, there are many drawing lessons on legendary cars like Mercedes or BMW. Don’t forget to share these and other lessons.


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