Good morning Dear artists! In this drawing lesson, we’ll demonstrate the art of drawing an image of a Chevy vehicle. As you may know, this car is known as”the Chevrolet Task Force – one of the most well-known pickup trucks of the 20th century.
Step 1
The basic principles for drawing for this class are similar to those in lessons in drawing about automobiles. Let’s sketch the design of the vehicle that is comprised of two boxes and a cabin.
Step 2
Let’s add some basics to our truck. On the front side, we draw out the headlights that are round as well as a radiator grille and the bumper. Then, we sketch out the wheels and rear-view mirror.
Step 3
Let’s get to the specifics. Take care to draw out the radiator grille and headlights in between them.
Step 4
Let’s lower our steps in order to create a clean bumper. Then, let’s move up a bit by drawing a straight line around the logo and hood on the front hoods of the Chevy truck.
Step 5
Let’s visit inside the cabin in Our Chevy pickup. Take care to draw the roof as well as the windows’ lines. Don’t forget that you draw the mirror in the rearview, and eliminate any lines that are not necessary.
Step 6
Then we draw the handle, door as well as the lower edge which is the lower part of the pickup’s body. Make sure to draw the box that is our Chevy truck and erase all unnecessary rules.
Step 7
Then in the final stage of our lesson on drawing the design of a Chevy truck, we sketch out the arches and wheels. It is important to note that we are drawing an actual Chevy truck from the 20th century, which means that the wheels here must be in the traditional style.

And, dear readers this drawing class has come to a conclusion. If you enjoyed it, don’t be averse to joining us on our social media, and be sure to share the drawing lessons with your fellow students.

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