This lesson will teach you how to draw Boss Baby. It is the main character of the animated film. He hasn’t grown out of his diapers, but he shows leadership qualities. The little hero is dressed in a stylish suit and looks just like a businessman. let’s get started!

Step 1
Start with the basic shapes. Draw the outline of the head and the torso. Draw the table’s surface using a horizontal line.

Step 2
Draw your eyes in the shape of semicircles. Draw the eyebrows above the eyes using curved lines. Draw the small nose, mouth, and ears.

Step 3
Draw the haircut using a broken line. Draw pupils around the eyes. Sketch out the hands and costume details. Draw the outline of Boss Baby’s chair at the end of this step.

Step 4
You can paint the pupils without glare. Draw lines between the ears and add wrinkles to your face. Draw your fingers. You can give the lines a finished look by drawing them out and erasing any extra strokes.

It was a lesson in how you draw Tim from The Boss Baby. It was easy enough to draw this lesson. You can also find a lesson on Drawing a Baby for Beginners. This is exactly what you want. You will find many drawing lessons in the following article. Please share this lesson with your friends, subscribe to our social media updates, and leave your comments below.

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