In this instruction in art, the team from will demonstrate the art of drawing boots. This easy drawing instruction comprises five basic steps and we’re hoping it’s easy to follow.

It is extremely simple to draw boots however even in this simple process there are some subtleties that need to be considered.

Step 1
To draw boots (as well as another type of footwear) first of all draw the outline of the shoes with light and almost invisible lines. We draw classic high-end men’s boots, but you are able to draw any type of shoe with this drawing guideline.

Step 2
Let’s add some general information to our sketch of boots. At the very lower end, draw your boots’ sole. Sketch out the tongue. go to step four. The sketch of our shoes is closer to what we would describe as boots.

Step 3
Let’s get started on the finer details. With clear and dark lines, sketch out the sole and the toe box. Remove the guidelines from the inside of the boot.


Step 4
Let’s step up a bit and draw the upper portion and the tongue of our boots. Draw the seams like in our illustration. If you’ve done everything right now, you’ll have sketches of your boots.

Step 5
Drawing the shoe is now complete. We just have to draw the eyelets and laces of the shoes. Additionally, during the fifth step, we’ll remove any lines that are not needed to make an uncluttered drawing of the shoe.

Step 6
The final step of the lesson is drawing boots. We always say that we employ simple hatching to create shadows.

This guideline taught you the steps to draw boots. If you enjoyed this tutorial the chances are you’ll appreciate our drawing tips for other things like shoes, bags as well as glasses. If you’d like to stay updated with the latest news on join our updates via Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. In order to assist us in our endeavor, please make sure to share this article with your family and friends, as well as anyone who would like to learn to draw like a professional.

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