Hello everybody and welcome to the drawing lesson where we’ll guide you on ways to draw Black Panther from Marvel Comics.

Step 1
All drawing lessons for people withdrawing the Skeleton. Like other drawing lessons beginning with the head. Then, draw the chest, spine as well as pelvis, arms, and legs.

Step 2
Draw two lines that cross in the middle of your face. Then draw shoulders in the shape of circles, and arms as circular cylinders. Also, draw the legs as the cylinders.

Step 3
Let’s move on to the specifics. For the highest point of the face, draw the eyes of the mask (slightly like Batman). Draw a frowning face as well as drawing the contour of your nose. Then, don’t forget to draw the outline of the face beneath the mask.

Step 4
We’ll now look at the body. Remove all lines that are unnecessary from the torso, and sketch out the contour of the torso. It slims down to the waist. Draw the outline of pectoral muscles that are large as well as the necklace that wraps that is worn around your neck.

Step 5
Let’s look at the armor from Black Panther. Take your time drawing out the arms without not drawing the outline of the muscles underneath that costume (biceps, triceps muscles, forearm muscles). Draw hands using sharp claws, and the outlines of gloves.

Step 6
Then we came to the final step of the drawing course on drawing Black Panther. Draw the legs and don’t forget to draw the outline of the muscles beneath the costume.

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