Hello everyone! Today we will be showing you the steps to draw a bison. Drawing a bison using a pencil can seem difficult at first. It is easy to follow the steps in this tutorial and repeat the sequence of actions.

Step 1
Let’s begin by sketching the bison’s skeleton. You can see that he has a large hump and strong shoulders. As usual, draw the head, thorax, and pelvis in the ovals. Draw the tail and limbs.

Step 2
Draw a line with horns and a broad nose. Next, draw a line between the eyes, nose, and ears. The torso is formed by connecting the ovals at the chest and pelvis. Add the volume to the limbs at the end of the step.

Step 3
As in the drawing, make the horns voluminous. Next, draw the outline of the head, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. Next, draw the outline of the body.

Step 4
Now, remove any unnecessary lines from our bison’s head and torso. As in the example, smoothen and make sure that all lines are clear.

Step 5
This is how to draw shadows: First, draw the shadows using very light lines. These outlines can then be filled in using simple hatching.

This tutorial showed you how to draw a bison. This bison was drawn from a photo. This drawing lesson will show you how to draw a bison, bull, or cow in any pose.

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