Hello! Today, we’ll show the drawing skills of an attractive girl! This tutorial isn’t the first about the girls we have on our website. The girl today will be drawn comics-style. She could be her wife, who’s grotesque, from Roger Rabbit. In fact, the film “Who The Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was the first film in which, in addition to human beings, cartoon characters were introduced. But we’re a little distracted. Let’s begin the lesson and discover how to draw a girl!

Step 1
In our last lesson which was devoted to drawing female figures, we discover the various characteristics of woman’s body measurements. We will now draw a stickman, a man who is composed of circles and sticks. The principal purpose of a stickman is to sketch the body of the person on paper, his posture, and his proportions.

Then, how many:

The height of a human being is equal to the sum of the lengths of seven to eight heads.
The average growth rate for women is just a bit lower than that of men.
Additionally, the hips of women are larger or even wider than their shoulders.
We can see the posture of the spine, which is bent one way, and the head, which is leaning in the other direction, and slightly sloped hip lines. Draw the head in an oval and the body in simple lines.

Step 2
In this process, we’ll make sure that we have enough volume for the stickman, however, first, we draw the face because all lessons on drawing people that we teach on our site are drawn from the feet to the head from starting from the top and ending at the bottom.

The face is marked with a vertical line as well as the four lines horizontally. The longest horizontal line is the line that runs through the eyes. Below it is the lines of the mouth and nose. In the middle of the eyes, there was a hairline.

Continue towards the body. The torso of a girl is an hourglass form, which grows in the areas of hips and breasts and then narrows towards the middle, specifically in the waist region. The arms must be sleek and slim, the only extension is in the middle of the forearm, which is a little past the elbow, however, it’s not significant.

The arms used in this stage are divided into three sections namely the upper arms as well as forearms. hands

. In general, the most important advice for this stage is to strive to make the curves of your body elegant and feminine. There must not be any rough edges and sharp angles.

Step 3
We continue with our drawing lessons on drawing the figure of a girl. This is where we draw how the woman’s hairstyles look. If we are in a position, we can split the hair into two sections – one of which is on the face, close to us. And a second one that is behind the face, and is located in the nape.

Note how the two parts differ in size, with the top of the hairstyle being larger than the other part and larger than the hair. On the right, sketch out two small balls that form the hairband. In this stage, we sketch out the outfit that the woman wears.

Step 4
With the markup, you created from the previous step Draw the eye as well as the brow and full lips. Be attentive to the form of the eyes, the shape of the eyebrows, and their location of them Based on these elements, we can observe the impact of a slight tilt to the left. When we are doing this we must use the softest as well as smooth lines.

Step 5
Take off the rules from the earlier steps. Then draw the eyes nose, eyebrows, and lips. Take note of the location of the eyelashes and the pupil These details make up the gaze.

Step 6
Draw the part of the bangs concealing the girl’s eyes. Draw long lines and curving lines to draw hair. This will allow you to draw a small pigtail like in our illustration. Hair should be drawn in a direction of the roots from the ends.

Step 7
The remainder of the haircut must be drawn in the same direction, starting from the hair’s roots and ending at the ends. Don’t forget to keep twisting the ends of your hair strands, the rim and the ornament appear in the form of 3 skulls. Of course, you are able to draw any girl in any hairstyle. We only give an illustration.

Step 8
Then, circle the chest, neck as well as the right shoulder of the girl. Notice the lines that signify the collarbone. They’re not particularly prominent and visible however, it is essential to be able to distinguish the collarbone. When drawing the chest and shoulder make sure to draw lines that are smooth – the contours of the body must be feminine and smoothly curved.

Step 9
Remove any unnecessary guides from both the torso and arms. Draw the torso and arms with precise and assured, but very soft and fluid lines. The folds of the fabric should be less hefty. Remember that the body must be shaped with elegant feminine curves and there shouldn’t be any muscles that are bulky or with rough contours.

Step 10
Begin by circling the legs and the lower parts of the body. Similar to the steps in the past the lines must be smooth and soft.

If you are impressed by this lesson, you can check out the rest of our lessons, devoted to other girls or roses. The drawing lesson in this lesson was designed for you by the artists on the website. Be sure to take a look at our Facebook and Google Plus, where we frequently post new lessons. Keep following us and you will get better at drawing closer to the event!

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