Hello! Today’s lesson is about drawing beards. It can also be described as a “how to” draw a bearded man. Let’s begin the lesson and discover what it takes to draw beards!

Step 1
Begin by drawing an oval to provide a model of the head. Draw the lines of facial symmetry. The vertical line will show us the central point on the face. The horizontal line can help us sketch the eye. Make use of loose and light lines to sketch your ideas at the beginning.

Step 2
By drawing some lines with light, you can sketch the outline of the hair. Draw the nose, eyebrows, and the areas where the eyes are. Then, in the last phase, we’ll draw out the facial hair. sketch the contours of the lips, cheekbones, and beard. The lines should be soft and smooth, like in the illustration below.

Step 3
Eliminate all instructions and strokes you don’t need like in our example. Draw an almond-shaped eye. Draw lines along the nose. The general shapes are completed and in the next step, we’ll start adding more details.

Step 5
With quick strokes, create a line of your hair. With thick strokes, create the eyebrows. Draw the pupils of the eyes, and then add some wrinkles to the eyes. Draw lines on the ears. Add detail to your beard. With vertical lines, begin sketching the look that the hair has.

Step 6
This process appears to be complicated, but it’s not difficult at all. For the same hair texture in our illustration, braid the hair in large strokes and leave highlights that aren’t painted. Following similar lines to the last step, continue plaiting hair onto the bear.
insofar that it does not get dense than in our case.

The lesson was drawing about the art of drawing beards. We hope that this lesson proved engaging and instructive for you. Learn more about our drawing classes on drawing the Samurai as well as drawing the knight to find out more about drawing men who are brutal.

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