Hello, dear readers! We present to you how to draw a Basilisk. Drawing a basilisk using fantasy such as Dragons and Dungeons will be our focus.

Step 1
Draw an elongated form that is very similar to a curve drop.

Step 2
Draw the limbs. Basilisks have different numbers of legs in different works. In some works of art, they don’t even have legs.

Step 3
Draw the eyes and mouth. The face of the basilisk is very similar to a snake’s or lizard’s face.

Step 4
Continue to work on the face of the basilisk. Make sure to draw the eyes and mouth. Give the scale texture. Draw the teeth and nostrils.

Step 5
Use claws to draw the front legs. As in the example, add wrinkles.

Step 6
The long tail and hind legs should be drawn. You can also add wrinkles to our example.

Step 7
You can add a lot more spikes to the spine of your basilisk. You can add shadows by hatching.

We hope you learned a lesson in drawing. You may have experienced such games as Baldur’s Gate. If so, you will remember the problems that basilisks presented to novice adventurers. In this case, the best thing to do was to take the Protection from Petrification and impose a spell on a wizard to help you destroy these evil monsters.

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