Hello, dear artists! We are really enjoying the theme of medieval, and on our website, we have many drawing lessons on this theme. For instance, we have instructions on drawing the knight and how to draw an aristocratic knight for novices. Today we will demonstrate the art of drawing the armor of a knight. The lesson is very easy So let’s get started.

Step 1
Although we are not drawing an individual, but rather an armor, we follow the same steps as in any other instruction on drawing an individual. Like all lessons beginning with the pose, we choose to draw. Then, draw the head using the form of a circle. Then draw lines on the body.

Step 2
The second stage As always is to add volume to the image. Utilizing the cylinders, draw the neck legs, arms, and neck. With circles, draw knees, elbows, and shoulders. Draw the feet, pelvis, and hands. Similar figures were drawn during a class on drawing the knight for beginners. The figure contained fewer details, and we didn’t draw shadows.

Step 3
In this drawing lesson on what to draw in the armor of a knight, we’ll start adding specifics. We will begin with the helmet. Add some lines to mark the center of the face and the line that runs through the eye. Then we sketch out the bottom on the back of the helmet. Then, we sketch out the knee pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves. The knight’s armor significantly narrows around the waist before it expands.

Step 4
This is the final step. our head or more precisely wearing the knight’s helmet. Remove all guides on the head. Mark those lines on the head, and draw the openings on the front. Do not forget to draw lower lines on the helmet. This is a totally different helmet, in contrast to the one from the course about drawing the knight.

Step 5
This time we will work on the armor of the torso worn by the knight. Remove the guides of the torso. Draw those lines on the body. The belt should be drawn. Below the belt, draw the tasset (i.e. protection for your pelvis). Make horizontal lines across the tasset.

Step 6
The arms are drawn here that make up the armor. Remove the guides. After that, you must draw elbow pads and gloves. After that, you can draw the same parts on your arms, as in our illustration, or create the details you want to include. In reality, at different times and with different cultures, the elements of the costumes of knights could be different.

Step 7
In this stage, we follow the same procedure as in the past, however, with the legs of knights. This is because, like in the last step, we remove all lines of unnecessary lines and draw the legs. Include desirable objects on the legs. Make sure you draw lines around the feet. Certain elements were necessary while others were only for aesthetics.

Step 8
In this stage, we create shadows for the knight’s armor. Through light slicing, we add metallic luster to the parts that make up the armor. In the groin, draw chainmail with crossing lines. Under the knight’s armor, we draw the drop shadow.

This tutorial will show you drawing a knight’s armor with your fellow students, and do not forget to join our social networks and share your feedback in the comments section below this article.

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