3dvkarts will welcome you to its web pages with a brand new drawing lesson! In this drawing lesson, we will draw a juicy and delicious fruit. Our hero today is the most sought-after juicer’s raw material and has an abundant supply of vitamin C and mineral oils.

This lesson isn’t too complex, with the exception of the application of texture the final step is an extremely difficult job. Let’s get started by learning what it takes to draw in the form of an orange!

Step 1
Begin by drawing three circles, similar to our illustration. We trace the contours of the branches using gentle strokes.

Step 2
In this step, we begin drawing branches of the orange. The first step is to draw the exact branch, then trace the outline of the pointed leaves. Additionally, draw vertical lines in the middle of each leaf.

Step 3
We continue with the drawing tutorial on drawing the shape of an orange. In this step, we sketch out the edges of the cut orange by using an ellipse. Then, we draw out the lines that emerge from the core which will assist us to create slices in the next steps.

Step 4
Create new lines on the lines drawn in the previous step, in order to make triangles similar to our illustration. In this example, we draw the lines of the flower.

Step 5
Thus, historians have discovered that golden apples are among the most normal oranges.

Then we will continue the drawing tutorials of drawing an orange. At the end of this step, draw branches, and flowers, and add some veins in the foliage.

Step 6
To indicate the area to mark the citrus surface, draw a large number of tiny semicircles which are drawn using commas. The texture is added to the shadow areas. To create a dark shadow apply thick hatching over the area of shadows.

Step 7
Include the texture of citrus on the lower half of the whole orange. The flesh of the orange to avoid it looking like it’s an automobile disk. Create very light, smooth, straight strokes into that space which separate the segments. Strokes shouldn’t be obvious, they must be intense and thick.

The drawing lesson that focused on drawing an orange, came to a conclusion.
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