The days when lizards controlled the globe have long gone (we certainly speak of dinosaurs and not reptoids or lizards). Yet the planet is populated with a variety of species of lizards, some of which we’ve drawn on our site. The lesson is dedicated to reptiles, and the subject of the lesson is drawing an Iguana.

Step 1
Here are the initial steps starting with a head that is oval in shape and an oval torso an extended tail, and short legs.

Step 2
Then draw the eye and mouth. Join the head to the torso using the neck’s lines The tail should be made thicker, and the paws heftier.

Step 3
The Iguana’s head has a distinct appearance by drawing eyes and the wrinkled lines of the neck and head.

Step 4
Then, smoothly move towards the legs and torso, drawing them with clean and neat lines. Also, do not forget to erase any unnecessary lines.

Step 5
Draw shadows gradually to the drawing of the iguana in an effort to increase the size. By using light hatching, create transverse strips on the body.

What do you think of our lesson on drawing an Iguana? Don’t hesitate to share everything you think of in the comments of the article.

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