In previous guides, the team at has already demonstrated the art of drawing anime and now in this tutorial, we’ll attempt to show you how to draw a cartoon character from a slightly different perspective. The lesson is a basic guide using which our viewers will be able how to draw a variety of anime characters. By following this simple guideline, you can create an anime character of yourself or a group of friends. For you to begin creating you’ll require such traditional items like pencils, paper preferred to be automatic as it’s simpler to use, and also an eraser.


Step 1

Then, using a simple, light, and almost transparent line, draw the spine. On the spine, sketch the pelvis and chest. The arms are also sketched with thin lines. All of these steps were done to ensure that we won’t be confused with the future with the proportions and also to ensure that our anime character would look beautiful and proportional.



Step 2

We now need to make our anime character drawing more detailed, for this, we’ll need to use basic geometric forms. It is crucial that the face of the person in the anime was symmetrical and had no errors in the drawing. To accomplish this it is necessary to draw two lines that intersect in the middle of the face at the spot in which the bridge for the nose will be. To draw the neck, we employ a simple cylinder, and for drawing a torso, we make use of a smooth geometric form that resembles the shape of a big cylindrical.


Step 3

Now, we must make the limbs appear more substantial of our character from anime. For drawing legs and arms we employ the elongated shapes of a cylindrical. When drawing the shoulder, elbow, or knee joints we make use of ovals and circles. A quick way to test the proportions of the sketch. It can be viewed in the mirror and it will reveal every error in the proportions of particulars.

Step 4

The head of characters from anime is among the most challenging. In order to correctly draw the head of an anime character first, we must add the most basic of details. Draw the position of your character’s eyes. draw a nose-shaped line and mouth with a different line. At the same time, it is necessary to draw the facial contours and hair.


Step 5

We can now draw the lines of clothing. It is actually quite easy. If you draw clothes using an image or your imagination and then try to copy all lines onto paper, as the artists from did in the illustration below. For the initial addition of details, some artists make a fresh sheet and place it on top of an existing sheet, with their sketch, so that they don’t have to use an eraser. They then remove these. Characters in animation typically wear slim-fit pants, which means that most of the folds are found in the knees, groins, and the lower part of the bottom of the pants.


Step 6

Draw the face’s details in clear and dark lines. and add any necessary details if you didn’t notice these earlier. The jaws of an anime character are a bit smaller than ours, but they can also be round or more angular. Make sure to circle the hair with similar dark lines. The more lines you draw, the hair appears more real. Of course, there are many different types of people on the planet and their facial features are also very different, yet the fundamental guidelines of the drawing will remain the same.


Step 7

Let’s look at the body. First sketch the muscles of your neck using two lines that have a slight curvature and the clavicle using two lines. Make a circle with very clean sharp and precise lines. People who are animated have a vast selection of clothing and styles. You can dress your anime persona on a T-shirt, or something more elaborate. To make your anime characters look more appealing and neat take out all unnecessary lines that are a part of the body.


Step 8

Artists Let’s do the same steps, but with the help of the anime guy. Also, we need to draw circles around them with clear and dark lines. You can make lines smaller and thicker to concentrate on specific areas and make lines more appealing and fascinating. The hands and fingers should be circled Remove all guidelines that are unnecessary. In the guide on anime hands, you can read more in-depth about the subject.


Step 9

Therefore, we have to identify the folds which appear to be simple and quick bumps and strokes on the knees, pelvis, and at the point where pants are put into shoes. To clean your cartoon character drawing, use the eraser, and then remove any extra lines that do not need to be there anymore.


Step 10

To draw the shadows accurately to draw shadows correctly, the first sketch is the location of their shadows. After that, you can begin filling in the required areas by hatching. Adjust the shadows’ intensity by changing the pressure of the pencil, and altering the amount of hatching. Be sure to keep your drawing free of unnecessary lines. For this, you may use a piece of paper you can place underneath the hand that is working.


To do this first, you need the image to be the basis of your next work of art. It is necessary to meticulously transfer the image to the paper at the same time, transforming real-life features and details into the form of anime. Another thing to keep in mind is that the team at is eager to hear your comments and suggestions. This is an essential feature that allows us to stay in connection with the public that is equally interested in the topic of art. Write your feedback under our articles, join our social media accounts, and then share our content with anyone who, like you, is looking to be a true artist.

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