We have had readers ask us for quite a while to demonstrate the drawing process of an animal from anime, but we thought of which animal to explain. It is impossible to explain in one article how to draw every one of the existing animals drawn in anime however, we are able to provide all the rules and tips you’ll require to draw any animal using this gorgeous drawing style. We have determined that the Wolf would be the ideal animal to draw for the illustration.


Step 1

In order to draw an accurate anime animal, we must first sketch the skeleton so that it will not be confused about the proportions. We begin by drawing an oval head and muzzle that looks like the shape of a cylindrical shape. Then, using the aid of two circular shapes, draw the pelvis and chest. By drawing simple lines, draw those of the spine, neck tail, and limbs.



Step 2

Let’s boost the volume of the cartoon animal figure by creating a sort of fake. Sketch out the neck’s round shape of the wolf, and then connect the chest to the pelvis. Then, draw the tail and legs like the artists from did. Don’t forget to draw out the ears and eyes.


Step 3

We now need to draw the most obvious details of the cartoon creature sketch. Start by drawing the head, focusing on the nose and mouth. Then, draw the pupils. By using smooth lines, fix the contours of the image and then include fur on the neck, the tail, and at the intersection of the torso and legs.


Step 4

A sketch of a rough outline is completed, and it’s now time to start drawing an animal from anime in greater detail. According to tradition, we should begin at the top of the head. Utilizing dark and clear lines trace the head then gradually remove all the other lines. To make your drawing appear more anime-like try to use straight lines and smooth lines as we did.


Step 5

With clear and dark lines, draw a thick fur around the animal’s neck. Then, draw the legs and draw the forelimbs as you can see in our image below. Take care to draw the claws and fingers to create a manga animal that appears more real.


Step 6

The final appearance of your anime character drawing (in our instance, the wolf animation) and erase all remaining guiding lines using the aid using an eraser.


Step 7

By hatching, you can add shadows to areas, as shown in the image below, which was created by the creators of Remember to color the eyes and leave a bit of reflection.


In the introduction, we attempted to create a basic guideline for drawing an animal in anime. In this tutorial, we have compiled the fundamental tricks and tricks you can master to draw any animal with this style. In this tutorial, you can fairly effectively sketch an animated fox or dog. If you’re looking for more lessons about anime animals, tell us about it by commenting here or on our social media networks.



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