HOW TO DRAW EASY A WATERFALL has been operating for a long time and our visitors frequently request us to demonstrate what to draw the waterfall. We’ve been thinking for a long time about ways to make this tutorial more clear and understandable for those who want to know how to draw an impressive waterfall. Then we came up with this drawing guide that is extremely simple, with the aid of five simple steps, we’ll teach you the steps to draw waterfalls simple and quickly.

Step 1

Let’s start drawing an eddy with just two lines. The first step is to draw a straight line of the horizon at the lower end. Then draw an uneven and rough line that is the upper part of the waterfall as artists from demonstrated in the illustration below.



Step 2

Let’s draw the largest and most important element of the waterfall, the water that falls. This can be drawn using the use of a few thin vertical lines. The lines shouldn’t be sharp and straight.


Step 3

In the lower portion of the waterfall, just above the horizon line draw the outline of a cloud of water by using many waves. Then, add a lot of vertical lines that are slightly curled that form the waterfall.


Step 4

Let’s make our sketch of a waterfall appear more extensive and real. The lower and upper areas of the waterfall draw many lines of light that create a glare on the water. In the next step, at the bottom and top draw the textures of the rocks.


Step 5

Let’s make our waterfall design more detailed and real. To achieve this, you can include shadows as we did in our illustration. Then, draw a coastline as well as many thin vertical lines across the water’s surface.


As we mentioned in the introduction to our post, we attempted to make the concept of drawing waterfalls easy to comprehend. You can make your drawing more diverse by adding the appearance of a branch or an image of a girl sitting on the beach, gazing at this stunning wonder of nature. To keep improving your drawing skills, be sure to subscribe to our social media accounts to us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter which is where we regularly post new information. On Pinterest, we generally share the links to our latest content as well as the shorter news from our books. On Facebook and Twitter, we also post announcements about our forthcoming lessons. Be sure to sign up to us on the above social media to be informed of all our latest articles.

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