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Today, we’ll be discussing the dragon called Toothless from the extremely cool cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon.” If you’re not sure, but the lesson appears easy to you it is possible to take a look at earlier lessons that we covered on drawing dragons. Let’s start with this lesson to learn what it takes to draw Toothless from the book How to Train Your Dragon!

Step 1
Begin by drawing the outline of the head as well as the long extended body. It’s very similar to an elongated tadpole, perhaps because the dragons of childhood looked similar to a tadpole.

Step 2
Draw the short limbs Note that the forelegs are strongly bent. Because of this, they appear shorter in comparison to the front. The contours are drawn that the wings. These lines must be extremely light.

Step 3
It’s a significant thing to note. Dragons from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” are extremely original (but obviously technically and stylishly) drawn. One characteristic of the exterior is the face. The skull’s shape is rounded at the top, and that’s why the dragon’s head appears flat.

Eyes are at a significant distance from one another. The eyes below draw the largemouth. Along the sides and the back of the head, draw crests, like in our illustration.

Step 4
Draw tiny dental teeth along the jaw’s lower part. Draw areas using scales. Eliminate any additional guidelines from the face. Draw lines on the face and head.

Step 5
The wings’ contours are drawn, but we must draw the wings. Draw the wings’ membranes. Then, we draw those contours that define the top section of the tail.

Step 6
Draw the dorsal crest, which begins in the nape region and extends across the body, starting from the outside. Then, we draw the outer portions of the wings and cartilage which separate from the body within the region of the back. These, in actuality, create the skeleton of wings.

Step 7
It’s a tiny step it is to erase lines on legs and draw their contours. Here, we draw small claws. Draw areas using scales, as we did on the front of Toothless.

Step 8
We now need to clean our drawing by erasing all unnecessary strokes and removing any marks and lines from the earlier steps. Draw a small portion of the dorsal crest that is located at the tail. And then draw the flat end of the tail.

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