Hello! Today, we’ll teach the drawing process of the squirrel. The drawing process is easy, however, despite that, it appears very realistic. The most important thing to remember here be sure not to confuse proportions in the initial two steps. Let’s begin the lesson by learning what it takes to draw the squirrel!

Step 1
Begin by sketching the body, head, and tail of the squirrel. at this point, we have sketched out the parts of the body using thin lines. The drawing you draw at this point is like the snowman. Sketch out the hip’s contours.

Step 2
With smooth, rounded lines draw the Paws. In the same manner, make a mark on the head with two lines: vertical and horizontal. Horizontal lines indicate the location of the eyes. And the vertical will indicate facial symmetry.

Step 3
Utilizing the lines that were drawn in the previous step, we draw the ears, eyes, and mouth of the squirrel.

Step 4
The silhouette of the squirrel is complete now, move on to the details. Incorporate details from the uppermost point downwards (as in all the other lessons, like the lesson on drawing the face of a woman). Remove all guidelines off the face, and darken the lines. Paint the eyes, leaving glares.

Step 5
Let’s make some details for those arms that the squirrel has. Remove the guides, draw circles around the arms, and draw sharp claws. With hatching, you can add fur.

Step 6
Draw a circle around the lower torso and feet of the squirrel to erase the lines. As in the previous step, use short hatching to create the fur’s texture.

Step 7
The tail now appears, which is different from the previous steps in your body made entirely of the hatching. The hair on this tail has a longer length and the lines that hatch will be longer than in the previous steps.

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