The space theme is popularly represented on our site and we’ve already sketched one astronaut for children as well as the space spaceship. In this drawing class, we will continue our exploration of space with this tutorial on drawing a spaceship.

Step 1
The lesson is fairly simple and the initial part is very easy. This time, using the aid of light lines we’ll sketch the major outlines that will be used to design the spacecraft.

Step 2
We are still using very thin lines that are almost transparent. In this case, we only have to sketch the outline of the windows and the massive propellers that are on the wings.

Step 3
We will begin with dark lines and clear lines. Take care to draw the outline of the front part of the spaceship’s body. We need to trace the outline for the glass.

Step 4
In this next step, we’ll complete drawing the spaceship. With the aid of black and white lines, we trace the outlines of massive propellers and wings. Take out all guidelines that are unnecessary.

Step 5
The design of the spaceship is nearly complete, however, it won’t appear complete if we don’t include shadows. Therefore, let’s add shadows with the help of dense hatching within the area of the body that has the least amount of lighting.

As we mentioned, the lesson on drawing the spaceship was extremely easy. In the near future, we’ll keep the space theme by adding to our site an abundance of drawing lessons related to this topic. Join our social networks and check out frequently to master drawing with us.

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