Today we will teach you how to draw a sandwich. the art of drawing sandwiches. It is actually an amazing food item. It is common to eat sandwiches while taking drawing classes. We wouldn’t have the ability to design this cool website without hot, strong coffee and sandwiches we consume in huge quantities.

There is a myth that says the sandwich was created by a wealthy card player. The man was enthralled by the game and was asked to prepare a healthy and satisfying meal that wouldn’t contaminate his hands.


Step 1

Draw an irregular, asymmetrical shape. In truth, this is the most symmetrical of the ones we have drawn in our instructional videos. Draw simple lines, without the use of the ruler.



Step 2

The figure is divided from the previous step into various floors. The floor on the ground should be the largest and widest. It is located at the bottom of the ground floor. we sketch the contours that comprise cheese and tomato, as well as lettuce.



Step 3

We remove the lines of our sandwich. In the final version, we sketch the outline of salad, bread, and cheese. It is possible to draw additional ingredients to suit your preferences.



Step 4

Our sandwich is situated in front of an object that doesn’t emit light. This is why we create shadows on the exterior part of the sandwich. Shadows are broad sweeping and slicing. When drawing shadows, be careful to not press too hard.


In truth, we feel hungry while taking it. We eat a variety of sandwiches. We are hoping that your drawings appear cooler and more real as compared to our drawings. We’re waiting for your drawings on the pages of!

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