The fruit of the tropical tropics is called pineapple which is available on the shelves of nearly all countries around the world. In this lesson, you’ll be taught what it takes to draw an illustration of a pineapple. This drawing lesson will allow you to master this job with ease even if you’re drawing just recently.

Step 1
The first thing to do is draw the outline of the pineapple in the form of a normal oval, with the top which is slightly smaller than the lower.


Step 2
Draw the foliage near the bottom of the pineapple joining it with the fruit. Draw with gentle lines to sketch the foliage.

Step 3
Then sketch the intersecting lines on the surface of the fruit, with extremely light lines.

Step 4
With the aid of extremely short curly lines, we can draw the scaly shape that is the structure of the fruit.

Step 5
Draw out the leaves. Leaves that fall laterally should be tilted towards the sides, with the central ones should face upwards.

Step 6
Then, you can complete the drawing of the pineapple by creating shadows on the flaws of the surface. Then, finish taking out the auxiliary lines.

The team from demonstrated the drawing process of an apple. However, as you can see that this isn’t the only fruit you can learn how to draw, as we have thousands of drawing classes, of which there is an abundance of lessons on fruits.

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