There is probably no one who doesn’t like pie. There are people who don’t love the type of dough or filling. However, you cannot deny that pie is among the most gorgeous foods available. This is the reason we made a decision to design an instructional drawing guide for drawing the perfect pie step-by-step.


Step 1

Then, we draw an ordinary circle with one side. It is likely that you know that there are a variety of pie varieties. Certain of them are rectangular. If you had originally intended to create a rectangular cake then you must sketch this particular shape at the beginning.




Step 2

We chose that we would draw the outline of a cake where a small portion was removed. In this stage, we sketch out the contours of the triangular object in three dimensions. Your pie sketch should look something like this.



Step 3

Include some decorative elements. In this instance, the cake is the shape of a wavy with some decorative designs of dough. We’ll draw the shape. If you’re making an open pie, you must draw the filling on top.



Step 4

It’s always nice to see that there are plenty of fillings in the pie, isn’t it? It’s always nice to see that there are a lot of fillings in the cake Isn’t it? That’s why we decided to draw the cake with a lot of stuff as well as dough.



Step 5

Before drawing the shadows of our cake, find the areas where light doesn’t fall. For instance, the light can’t penetrate the interior of the pie. Therefore, we draw an outline of the shadow and then draw a pie finished.


It is possible to greatly alter the final appearance of the pie’s design when you incorporate designs of dough or create other fillings. We’re certain that cooking is as authentic art as drawing. We offer everyone inspiration, delicious food, and real-looking drawings. Come back soon to our website!

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