Do you know of people who do not like salted crunchy peanuts? We’ve not ever heard of them. We have created an updated drawing tutorial where we’ll tell you to draw the shape of a peanut. This is a brand fresh lesson from the section of extremely simple drawing classes for beginner artists.

Step 1

We begin by drawing the shape of a round shape, which appears similar to an hourglass. The shape is asymmetrical shape. Try to draw the most smooth lines, while avoiding broken edges or ragged edges. designs. Also, don’t attempt to replicate the form that the shell is like in the example above, since it is rare to find identical peanuts.


Step 2

Let’s begin to work to create the textures. It’s not as difficult as it looks. It is easy to draw long, waving horizontal lines. Between these, draw vertical lines that have the slightest bend. Be careful not to make the lines too dark, if you desire to capture the form of a nutshell, not a web or grating. If everything went as planned and you’ve got this drawing.


Step 3

In the final stage, we will use hatching to create shadows. Make sure to draw some basic shadows on the surface so that you don’t create the illusion of a piece of art hanging in midair. If you draw shadows on the surface, take into consideration irregularities and bends on the surface of the peanut. This will help your drawing appear more real.


We hope that you get an amazing result. If you encountered any difficulties when drawing, please note them down in the comment section. We will take these into consideration when we come to the next drawing lesson. Also, don’t forget to use our social networks, for instance, Pinterest. There we share greatly simplified versions of our lesson plans for drawing (and this one too) that you can save to an image and use as a sort of cheat sheet in difficult times draw.

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