We continue to draw realistic objects. Every artist must be able to draw simple objects such as vegetables, fruits, and even shaky jugs.


Alongside drawing simple objects can help you learn how to draw straight and also add shadows. Today we will teach you what to draw peaches.

Step 1

Our drawing starts with a circular shape. Later on, it will be the peach’s outline. This is an extremely crucial step, so don’t be scared of erasing and drawing over again if you couldn’t make an even circular drawing the very first time. Don’t attempt to draw an extremely dark circle using very dark lines.



Step 2

In this stage, it is necessary to draw both a stalk as well as a leaf. To create a more realistic you can draw a straight line beneath the stalk, as we did in our illustration.


Step 3

In this process, it is necessary to erase lines in the leaf to ensure that it doesn’t appear like it is transparent. It is also recommended that lines of veins on the leaf by drawing straight lines that are drawn inside the outlines of the leaf.


Step 4

We now have to tackle the shadows. We first identify the source of light and the direction it is heading. Then, we draw the shadows where the light isn’t falling. Shadows in our instance are like dense hatching.


As we mentioned earlier, these articles aid artists to comprehend the drawing of lines as well as shadows. In addition, the techniques you’ve learned from this class will prove useful not only to draw peaches but also for other fruits like nectarines, and Apricots.

It is possible to draw the peach in a separate drawing in a still-life at the table. If you want to get ideas for other objects that can make up your still life, look up our categories, namely “Food” and “Still Life”. Within these categories, there are plenty of easy lessons to aid in improving your skills in drawing. We’re not exhausted. We wish you the same since we have a lot of new drawing lessons to come. Don’t forget to check our website frequently to sharpen your drawing skills. We will see you again!

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