The advent of technology has brought us a vast variety of electronic gadgets which are designed to enhance our lives. Certain devices (for instance, gaming consoles) provide entertainment and are present in every household and other innovations (for instance, robots) remain elusive and designed to ease our lives. One of them is a microphone. It is the drawing instruction that you’re reading at this moment. There are many kinds of microphones around the world however we chose that we would draw the most common models. Let’s look down the page to get to the tutorial on drawing the microphone.


Step 1

Each drawing begins with simple details The microphone design is no exception. Sketch the work area of the microphone in the shape of a simple circle and the handle is in the shape of a large and slightly tapering rectangle. It’s a pretty standard form, common to all microphones.



Step 2

The simplest step in this lesson is to draw a microphone is a simple one. You just need to erase unneeded lines in the top area and draw some lines like the one below. Also, you can also include several switches, lights, and buttons.


Step 3

A simple, but it is a rather painful process. The first step is to draw a line on the circular working surface of the microphone. Then, sketch the texture using simple lines that intersect. You can alter the texture of the grill to larger or smaller.


Step 4

To make our microphone’s design appear more realistic, realistic, and organic, we have created shadows. If we suppose that light comes from above, we will need to draw shadows that fall on the bottom where the mic is located. The shadows that appear in a drawing aren’t difficult to create, you only must apply a dense and uniform patterning, like the mic design below.


In this lesson about drawing the microphone we tried to simplify the process and we think we succeeded. Like we’ve said in previous lessons, drawing these types of drawings is extremely important because through them you are able to draw simple objects, which increases the level of your mastery in the drawing. To keep your proficiency in drawing constantly growing join our social media channels and come back as often as you can, as we publish daily new drawing lessons. day.

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