HOW TO DRAW EASY A LOLLIPOP offers drawing lessons that are simple however today’s lesson will be extremely easy, as today we’ll show how to draw lollipops. The lesson will be incredibly easy and even a child will be able to handle the task.

Step 1
This drawing lesson begins by drawing two basic geometric shapes – a regular circle and a wide thin rectangle.

Step 2
The next step is to sketch the outline of the lollipop, using the aid of a continuous and long spiral line.

Step 3
To finish the design of the candy we’ll include shadows with the aid of thick hatching.

As we mentioned, it is very simple to master how to draw a lollipop. If you were paying attention, the initial steps of the lesson on the lollipop look very similar to the initial steps in the lesson that dealt with the magnifying glass. In the category dubbed “For Beginners,” you will discover a variety of simpler drawing lessons.

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