We’ve prepared a second drawing lesson on fruits. As you can see, today we will show you drawing the Kiwi. This is among the lessons that we develop specifically for artists who are just beginning their careers. If you held an art pencil with us today, our lessons are precisely what you’re looking for.

Step 1

It is recommended to be slightly flat over and below. Also, our kiwi is slightly tilted towards the left, think about this when drawing this sweet and tart fruit.



Step 2

If you’re familiar with this fruit, it has a unique feature. Kiwi really does have a look similar to short hair. We will draw this short hair in this stage. It appears like normal dot-like strokes or short strokes.


Step 3

Don’t forget to draw the shadow cast on the fruit’s surface.


It is an easy lesson, in which it is essentially, required to draw a “hairy oval” and draw some shadows. Maybe this lesson was just too easy for you, and you’re looking to know how to draw more complex things. If that’s the case, visit the other categories of our site and search for an instructional lesson that you like.



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