We have drawn a number of people from different fields and professions. We’ve previously demonstrated how to draw an athlete, a footballer, a basketball player, and a wrestler and, today, the team at has created a video tutorial on drawing the gymnast.

Step 1
To ensure that the drawing appears even and proportional, first, we have to sketch out the structure that our persona. Outline the head and the line of the spine, on which we put the pelvis and the chest

Step 2
We now need to make our gymnastics larger and more intense. We begin by drawing the neck and outline of the torso. The torso must be widened at the waist. Then using geometric figures that are very basic to outline legs and arms. Like the previous one and the following step, must be drawn using extremely light lines.

Step 3
We will now transform the dummy we are used to into an athlete. We will sketch out the outline of the principal elements. Start by drawing the head, tracing hair’s outlines and facial details. Then, move to the torso, drawing the outline of clothing and markings at the rear and sides of the gymnast.

Step 4
This part of the course on drawing the face of a gymnast will be both hard as well as simple. In this case, we need to sketch out an image of the athlete’s face in a detailed manner. For this, it is necessary to precisely circle the contours of the face using black and clear lines. Then, draw the specifics of the face and the outline of the hair.

Step 5
Then, we can take a more simple step. With clear and dark lines, we carefully sketch out the contours of the body of the gymnast considering all the curvatures in the physique. Take away any unnecessary guidelines from the torso. Draw the outline of clothing and then add folds of the fabric.

Step 6
Then we’ll climb a bit higher and begin sketching the arm that the gymnast has. Following along the lines drawn by the back you can draw the outlines of the arms as illustrated in our example. After that, carefully draw fingers and hands. take out any unnecessary lines from the arms, and sketch the details of the clothing.

Step 7
We will now perform the same movements as the previous step, however by using the lower half of the body of the gymnast. In other words, following the lines drawn by the body, we’re drawing the lines of legs taking into consideration the muscles and curves as illustrated in the illustration in the text below.

Step 8
The gymnast’s drawing is close to being completed We now need to put in the final finishing touches. Eliminate any unneeded rules from the gymnast’s sketch. Then, you paint the hair like the illustration below. Then, using the traditional hatching technique, draw shadows.

In the near future, the team at is planning to develop further drawing lessons on the diverse representations of various professions and sports. Thus, be sure to check our website regularly to ensure that you don’t skip a single drawing lesson.

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