Hello! A new drawing lesson is prepared and drawing. As you can observe, the subject is the art of drawing feathers. When you finish the tutorial you will have a real-looking feather. The course isn’t particularly difficult, but the end result will look amazing. The key is to be aware of the sequence that our artists have given us.

Step 1
The first step is to outline the feather’s contours, known as the “shaft”. The feather appears at this point as a regular curving line.

Step 2
This time instead of the diagrammatic line drawn in the previous step, we outline the rod in a more realistic way. the rod.

Step 3
The second (fluffy) portion of the feather is referred to as the “vane”. Then, try to sketch the contour of it. From top to bottom, it slowly expands, and then it quickly shrinks.

Step 4
Then we draw some lines for the feather. The lines must have a gentle, barely noticeable bend. The lines should have a slight, barely visible bend. The lines must be drawn in the direction of the tips towards the base of the stem (not in the same way as human hair or the furs of an animal which draw from the roots up to ends).

Step 5
Remove the contours that define the outer edges of the feather, then replace them with lightly wavy and pointed lines such as the one we have used.

Step 6
Make the lines of the feather darker and darker.

Step 7
Include some hatching on both sides. You can add a bit darker wavy lines along the outer and inner areas that surround the feather.

The drawing tutorial about drawing realistic feathers is complete! Don’t forget to subscribe to our news on social media and go to our YouTube channel. YouTube.

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